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ICYberg™ is our top level virtual corporation.  ICYberg™ was created to define requirements and manage technical business matters with the primary objective of enhancing information use and exchange among professionals.

Our business interests include the computerization of clinics and the use of information that can be extracted from daily business data.  We also intend to represent and distribute unique products to the veterinary market.

One objective of ICYberg™ is to assist or cooperate with other specialty clinics in gaining access to information, products, services and answers to specific technical questions.  Another objective is to share "lessons learned" as widely as practical.

As time goes on, we hope to expand this web site, add other web sites and add content to serve a broad range of interests.  If you are interested in contributing to the content of this web site, please contact us by email.


Purpose / Objective

Products and Services




We are now a distributor for Pet Ecology Brands, Inc. products.  Please visit for more information.


The regional territory that we plan to cover is north of Interstate I-10 and includes:
portions of Los Angeles county (including San Fernando Valley); and the counties of:
Ventura, Santa Barbara,
San Luis Obispo, and Kern

We will be supplying product to veterinary clinics and accomplishing order fullfillment in cooperation with the manufacturer.  Our warehouse is located in Camarillo, California, Ventura county.

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