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 Web Site Hosting

For some time we have been interested in using the Internet effectively in a specialty practice.  As a result of our own efforts, we decided to offer assistance to you in positioning your practice on the Internet.

We have established an account with a large web hosting company in order to offer web site hosting to specialty clinics at very special pricing.  They provide us with access to their hosting system, high speed connections to the Internet, and system maintenance.

We are offering accounts that provide the features that we think you will want for a price that is close to the minimum cost for a "bare-bones" account.  We concider the cost of creating and maintaining a web site to be an advertising expense.

We offer to place your web site on the Internet for a monthly cost of about $20.  In some cases, the cost could be as little as $10 per month.  For $20 per month, your account will include:

  • 20 megs of space
  • 6 POP3 email accounts
  • aliases, auto-responders, and email forwarding
  • Realaudio / video
  • full administrative access and control
  • NT hosting
  • Front Page and Cold Fusion support
  • also see "Other Details" for more ...

If you require more space, or more email accounts, there will be a slight additional cost.  The only setup cost is a $35 (one time) fee for the domain name transfer/setup.

We are offering assistance in the following areas:

  • obtaining a domain name -- pay only the $70 fee for 2 years registration
  • designing the web site (content and organization)
  • loading your site to a specific Internet location (URL)

We are prepared to assist you in creating your initial web site and then turn over the files and site to you to manage and change.  You do not have to take advantage of our hosting offer.  However, we will charge a modest per page consulting fee for assisting with web site design and initial technical support.

It is our belief that our program offering will yield a high quality presence on the Internet at a price that is at or below what you would pay others.  Please note that some of the higher level features require a modest one-time setup fee that we must pass through to you if you elect to add one of these special features.

You may participate in the program for one month or longer.  If at any time you want to move your site elsewhere, you will be free to do so.

We have obtained a long term pricing commitment from our hosting company and thus we expect to be able control our costs for at least the next three years.  If costs come down, we will be able to pass on cost savings to you.


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