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 Other Details

Some of the other special technical features available (some setup costs apply) of the plan are as follows:

  • Real Audio/Video HTTP Streaming ( NO Buffering )
    • we do not recommend that your multimedia clip be over 30 seconds
  • Secure server access
  • CyberCash
  • FTP Access
  • 1000 MB of Data transfer per month, $0.08 per MB over 1000
  • MS Access and ODBC support
  • Webcast Video Server - coming soon

Our current account with the hosting company runs on a Microsoft Windows NT server.  If there is a demand for a UNIX server account, we will work out a similar program for those that need or prefer a UNIX server.

Your web site can be pure HTML, or based on Microsoft FrontPage 98 or designed using NetObjects Cold Fusion.  Other site creation software may also be accommodated - check with us first.

The following standard features also apply:

  • Fast UUNet access into the Major Internet Backbone
  • Powered by SGI Origin 2000 Server
  • Multi-homed, Internet connected data lines
  • Microsoft FrontPage extensions *NT Only
  • Your own FTP site
  • Your Own CGI Directory
  • Web site activity logs
  • Daily Tape Backup of your data
  • Expert Technical Support On-site
  • UPS 24-hour on-site monitoring
  • Same day set-up
  • No minimum contract
  • E-Pub graphical chat room - coming soon
  • POP 3 Accounts
  • 99% uptime guaranteed
  • 90 day money back guarantee

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