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One of the key characteristics of each veterinary business is the clinic facilities.  In our case the facility is based on the customization of a  leased commercial industrial space.

Our original lease space consisted of approximately 1850 square feet of "unimproved" space.  We "improved" about 1500 square feet to include finished walls and a 10 foot high drop ceiling.  The rest of the clinic consists of space that has the original high ceiling.  The "unimproved" area is used for storage and contains the washing machine and dryer; water heater; autoclave and a refrigerator for sodas and staff food.

Recently we added a lease for the adjacent suite (#2); an additional 1750 square feet.  The adjacent suite includes two finished offices and a unisex bathroom.  We cut a door through from the original suite (#1) to the added suite (#2) to provide internal access.

Suite #2 houses out-of-service equipment; old business and medical records; and a workspace and tools for repair and maintenance.

Because our facilities are in an industrial park rather than in a retail mall, our rental costs are quite low.  The biggest disadvantage to our location seems to be that we are not surrounded by small shops and upscale places to eat.


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