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We are located in Southern California where the computer dealers seem to sell at whatever price it takes to make a sale. Price competition is fierce!

In some cases we can tell what is hot and what is not by whether or not it is available, who is selling it or "dumping" it, and who is not selling it.

If you are looking for a great price on a specific item, drop us a line and let us shop for it among the many Asian vendors that we have in our area.

Hard drives, memory, keyboards, mouse and trackball devices, modems, Zip and JAZ drives and media, etc.  Prices at the frequent computer fairs can be unbelievably low!

Also, check out the following site for aggressive pricing on toner cartridges for any of the devices that use toner.

Regarding new hard drives -- Please note that if you are running a Microsoft Windows operating system, you should understand the 2 Gig limit for drive partitions under DOS and the 8 Gig drive size limit that exists unless you format the drive for 32 bit FAT (Windows 98) or are using Windows NT.

An interesting way to increase your computer system is to add a second keyboard, monitor and mouse to an existing system.  Check out for more information.

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